WILL makes a Difference – 2019- 2021 Outcomes & Impact

  • 100% of WILL graduates have graduated from high school or are on track to do so.
  • For 14 years in a row, WILL’s retention rate has been between 62% and 79%, far exceeding the 50% considered excellent for youth development programs (we have never been below 50%).
  • 86% of WILL youth in WILL 16th Class (2019-2021; due to the pandemic we worked with this group for 2years) reported that they learned something beneficial that they will use in their lives from the WILL programs in which they participated, and 100% said that they benefited a great deal from being in WILL.
  • Based on the third-party analysis of the Pre-and Post-WILL surveys completed by 2018-2019 WILL youth, they showed: significant increases in knowledge and understanding of nutrition, SMART goals and the ability to set them, environmental awareness, financial literacy, leadership, and self-empowerment. WILL Youth also demonstrated improved perceptions about themselves as a result of their WILL experience.
  • WILL has been in the Catalogue for Philanthropy since 2012, as one of the best community-based nonprofits in the Greater Washington region (WILL is in the 2021-2022 print Catalogue).

The words of a few WILL 2019-2021 youth provide the most compelling testament
about WILL’s impact and what the WILL experience means to them:

“A word to describe my WILL experience is eye-opening. I did and learned things I never would’ve done or learned if it wasn’t for WILL.” – Gabriel

“We learn about SMART Goals in WILL so that we can set goals that are important to us and how to set the step by step plans we are going to use to achieve our goals.” – Kimberly

“In WILL, I learned about the environment and how and why it is important to preserve it. Based on my WILL experience, I care more about the environment, I don’t leave my trash on the ground and I ask other people to pick up their trash.” – Prince

““WILL teaches us about financial literacy so that we know the difference between needs and wants and the importance of living life with financial dignity.” – Timberly